IES Mediterráneo – Charla sobre el SVE (english version)

On Friday 27th of November we were at IES Mediteráneo of Cartagena to present our projects and what is EVS together with our coordinator Mari Angeles ( for us just Kiki ) .The importance of our presence there was also to share with all the young people, the opportunity to be protagonists in a european context, the clash between cultures,the different societies.The school is a very important base for integration and the growth of a conscious youth.

It was fun to talk about our countries of origin, what we do in Cartagena and why we have chosen this destination for our EVS project. It is not always easy to convince young people to live away from home, especially in this time of economic crisis, but after 10 years of European volunteerism here in Cartagena, we think that they can do it succesfully.