Chrysa (english version)

11081501_10206237411036458_9040104614194368448_nHello everybody !!!

I ´m Chrysa .I am 27 and I come from a small town in northern east Greece, called Alexandroupolis . I have to write some things about myself and I hate it …but I’ll give it a shot. Well , I am honest and fair ,communicative and a good listener , I am fun to be around and when I am bored or hungry I can be a real pain in the ass. I’m also very , very stubborn and analytical … And I have just cheated , because these are words of my friends , not mine. In any case , if you want to find out , you should meet me 🙂 Oh , I also love cinema , so if you like to talk about that….I am always available. Now, what am I doing here in Cartagena? Well, I am working in Espacio joven and in the ESN organisation through a volunteer programme of Erasmus + called EVS . I have always wanted to live in Spain for a little while and this has been the best opportunity for me . So far ,I love it …my work , the people I’ve met , the country , the town and the FOOD.