Colaboración contra la violencia de género (English version)


The volunteers of IMPLICA2 and we , are collaborating on the campaign of distribution of stickers and leaflets against Gender Violence, carried out by the Department of equality and Hostecar, distributing them to bars and cafes of the city all this week with allusive messages against women maltreatment , encouraging this group to denounce the situation that they are suffering from .

MePintoLosLabiosdDefReduc._1But also the City Council’s Youth Department promotes a campaign on social network. It launches the campaign “paint your lips red “ as a digital artistic action against violence towards women. This campaign will be held through the photographs that the citizens will take and upload in the social network , as a symbolic act of rejection of the violence against women.

How to do it ?

Social networks: Paint your lips red ,take a picture and share it on social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the hashtag: #SoyLaMujerDeMiVida #PorLasMujeres you can be on your own in the photo or with other people, as long as they all have their lips painted red. You can upload your photos from the 25th until 29th of November.