Laura (english version)


Hello !

I’m Laura and my last name is a fruit tree. I am the baby of the project because I am the youngest one, I am 20 years old. SVE is a social opportunity and a cultural enrichment and that’s the reason I am doing this project. Later, I’m going to continue my studies in the sector of communication, now I have a degree of 2 years. Why Cartagena? It is a city that amazes me and immerses myself in the culture and the Spanish traditions of the South. In every project I take part in , I give all my energy, and my favorite phrase is “alone, we can go faster, but together we can go further” I love vegetables, fruit, tea, rice pancakes (although they look like plastic ) but also tapas and beers. I like graphics, going to the theatre and cinema, cooking for my friends, travelling and laughing! and a bunch of other stuff:)

My previous travels

EVS 2015 : Madrid, Segovia and Cartagena
Summer 2015 : Amsterdam and Brussels
2014: European InterRail trip (Berlín, Praga, Bratislava, Viena, Budapest, Liubliana)
2013: Spain(Barcelona, Salamanca y Bilbao), England (Londres)
2012: Ireland (Ring of Kerry)
2010: Poland (Gdansk)

I am not a true French because I don’t like cheese, but I like red wine ! and neither do I think that my country is the best in the world haha