Luca (english version)


Hello everyone !

My name is Luka and I am going to tell you a little bit of my story, I am Italian and I come from the city of Padova, in the region of Venice, in the northeast of the country. In general I am I am a good person and open-minded and quite crazy, but this can also be positive. I like to discover new things, travel and learn about the history of the places I visit. In particular ,Spain has always been a little dream that has come true thanks to the EVS project.
I am a fan of modern history.I know it sounds really boring, but I like things living with passion and emotion. I have a great interest in the studying of sociology in all its aspects. In March 2015 I graduated from the University of Padova in the department of sociology . My thesis was about the role of music in people’s life, how they grow up related to their favourite music. I am passionate about youth subcultures and social aspects such as style, music, everything!
In the last ten years I’ve been doing volunteer work in many fields, through active participation in two students Unions, the Rete degli Studenti and the Unione degli Universitari. I like to make policy in the original sense of the word, through the promotion of participation in our world and to fight and change in a positive way.
I like football , not only as a sport but as a narrative of modern history as well . After Italy , which is the best country to experience  these emotions if not Spain? A lot of my friends have been asking me ´´why Cartagena? ´´ and I always respond , ´´why not?´´
This city is giving me so much. I didn’t know the history of the region of Murcia and even less of Cartagena. I am discovering a beautiful world of a region that many Italians have been ignoring because they prefer common destinations that I think they are not the same.Last but not least ,I love the Spanish culture of sharing food, I like the sense of group and when I meet people in parties.

I like the life in the street and this place seems tailor-made for me.