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“Keep calm and discover Cartagena” organised and hosted by the City Council’s Youth Department .

1460300_10202424215837363_1522331411_n11751475_904682912932116_7438430414959661771_nMore specifically , I am working in Bolsa de Idiomas, a sector about practicing the languages people are learning in contexts outside the classroom.We organise some activities, such as meetups , visits , reading clubs when people can improve their language skills in a fun way .

ESN INFOPOINT: I am in charge of ESN cards, registration forms for the ECTS Recognition programme, as well as giving any information students may need.

Juventud Cartagena – Espacio Mobilidad
ESN Cartagena

Part of the programme is also helping children learning English in a school ,here in Cartagena.Children between 8 and 12 years old.

A reminder !

Some words about the Sending Organisation .

Don’t forget!!! if you are interested in having an EVS experience , you will need a sending organisation that will guide you through the process , help you find a project and prepare the bureaucratic stuff .For me ,this organisation was ´´Emeis k o Kosmos -Nuestro Mundo´´ located in the beautiful island of Crete and I can’t thank enough Eleni , the person in charge of my preparation. If you need more information about the organisation you should follow the link below :

Blog Nuestro Mundo