Project “Cooltura Cartagena”.


Project description “Cooltura Cartagena”.

It is a map of the city where you can find the original and alternative places that develop any cultural activity. ” The idea is to propose bars where concerts, exhibitions, linguistic exchanges are… but also free places in the city such as parks and some excursions. We want to fill the map with anecdotes about the city, testimonies from locals about their favorite places, things to try in Cartagena… Express the voice of the premises, without age or nationality bias: the map of locals for locals! We give the opportunity to the locals to know more corners of Cartagena and also wish to teach tourists the dynamics of the city and where they citizens of Cartagena go out.


To show an alternative and original view of the city  – To give visibility to places that host events – To express the voice of the locals – To make a map that everyone can use – To show the initiatives of the local and young people of Cartagena.

What it is not :

It is not a tourist map with all the tourist attractions of Cartagena. We don’t want it to appear on Google maps with hospitals, schools, supermarkets … we do not want to be a business guide.

Who is the map for?

– The locals:We provide an opportunity to the locals to know more corners in Cartagena and that there are places for all tastes .

– Tourists: so they can see the city in an alternative way , not only through the typical tour. (they can discover other neighborhoods and not be limited downtown , see the dynamic, young city where initiatives take place.

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About us?

We are two: Leonardo Bódalo (native of Cartagena) and Laura Poirier (French), we have the complementarity of two different views of the city. Laura is a European volunteer (Erasmus + program) collaborating on the projects Mandarache and Implica2 in the Youth Space of the City Council. It is a girl who loves traveling, cultural things (festival, books …) and graphic design. Leonardo is an illustrator from Cartagena with a degree in Advertising and a master in visual art teaching.

But the idea is that everyone can help out: all the locals, regardless of age, residence, nationality can give their ideas about their favorite places in Cartagena.


How to join?

FOR THE LOCALS: Send us your two favorite places in Cartagena and … why not? … A story you want to share. Put your data: name, age, where you are from and your status (student, traveler, Hollywood superstar, animal tattoo artist, head of communications for Santa Claus, language teacher for aliens …)

FOR BARS OR OTHER PLACES: make proposals about a place (with the location, which activities you do to promote culture, website or Facebook page and contact details) and a short explanation in which you tell us why you have earned a place on the map.



Leonardo Bódalo and Laura Poirier

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