Projects Luca

Why am I here in Cartagena? I am working in two projects:

1) Youth correspondents

red_corresponsales_juvenilesMy role is to help those who win this contest in schools and stimulate the participation in activities organized by the council.

What is the project?

Youth Correspondents are students who are enrolled in any of the Secondary Schools and Vocational Education of the municipality of Cartagena.

Correspondents are responsible for transmitting to other students of the center the information about activities, services or resources that may interest them. Informajoven offers support and training to develop their work adequately.They are working through the use of media such as information panels, distribution of leaflets and other related means of technology such as the use of social networks, so a large number of young people can have access to those services.

Correspondents are also available during breaks to give any information and resolve any possible problem in collaboration with the office of Informajoven.

During the first quarter of the school year the Youth Council through Informajoven summons a total of 15 scholarships .Young people interested in participating and getting one of these grants can find the information they need here and they can go to Informajoven to clarify all of their doubts.

If you study at one of the centers of Secondary and Vocational Education of the Municipality, find your correspondent, and he/she will help you find the information you need.

2) La Botica de Libro

12105790_888065887910000_2849538000582589446_nLa Botica is a project of social and cultural integration through reading. This project is conducted in Cartagena (Murcia) and takes place in two neighborhoods of the city:

  • Lo     Campano, a suburb of the city with high levels of social and cultural marginalization.
  • Joseph M. Lapuerta,     neighborhood of immigrant population.

The main objective of the project is to promote opportunities for integration through books, allowing the intercultural meeting and collaborating in the development of social and personal skills of young adults and children in both neighborhoods.

The specific objectives are the following:

  • Promote social incorporation of people belonging to ethnic minorities with     integration difficulties
  • Provide cultural spaces of personal and social learning
  • Encourage all people to read books
  • Promote intercultural values such as community service
  • Strengthen and promote the values of tolerance and coexistence.

The ´´Botica-Pharmacy of books ´´promotes reading as a way to cure certain personal and social problems. It is about transforming the social reality of the environment through cultural activities that enable the participation of all groups in the neighborhoods where it takes place. The project is based on healing through reading books -medicines that are prescribed to the readers.

The first ´´pharmacy ´´was born in the neighborhood of ´´Lo Campano´´ initiative of adult education classroom. It started as a micro cultural space to fight social exclusion that this district was suffering from.

We have a participative methodology, promoting the participation of all the social structure of neighbourhoods in all areas. Such participation is observed in the involvement of residents and neighbours in the management of activities such as the selection of books, always adapted to the personal needs of the residents themselves and their neighbours.

12343418_10208153079533505_93923157_oThe Botica de Libro plays the role of the meeting point and social cohesion, public space of assembly and integration of immigrants, social commitment and social transformation of the environment. The desire to contribute to personal, social and cultural enrichment of the population of foreign and indigenous origin, through the promotion of reading in all areas, is what unites the two neighborhoods .The Botica is a meeting point of all people who want to exchange opinions over book reading .