Proyects Laura

As a volunteer I work in a lot of projects , such as, for example ,those that I explain below:

187  1.Project Mandarache 

7088This project is : a local project of the formation of readers, a democracy of Literature: two international awards of narrative, Mandarache Prize and Hache Prize , awarded by thousands of young people, a steady programme related to the books and reading events: meetings with writers, presentations and book signings, reading clubs, debates, poetry readings and performances .
Nearly 3,500 readers aged between 12 and 30 years participate annually in the Mandarache project. More than 31,000 readers have participated since 2004.
I am helping in the coordination of this project through the dissemination of communication tools, the logistics of the books or by organizing a book club associated with the selected pieces of work.

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IMPLICA2 2. Project Implica2.

Implica 2 is a program that aims to promote the social participation of the young people of Cartagena. The principles: freedom, social commitment, solidarity, respect, collaboration and social action. It is as a point of information for Young Volunteers.We try to help them find an association that fits their profile.

Depending on the organized event, for example I helped with these two projects: Volunteer Day Marine Debri , International Day for the elimination of violence against women


Blog Implica2

I will give more information in future articles .



  1. Theatre and School support .

12285788_10208085686768728_1671904654_nPart of my program also takes place in a school where on Wednesdays I help the children with their homework and on Tuesday I give them drama classes. The children are between 8 and 12 years old.


imagesWhat else as a volunteer ?

It  a dynamic work, because depending on the events as they arise, I get new missions as a volunteer. For example, I have commissioned this blog (design and content),  I attend BABEL each week to speak French with a group of Spanish in a bar, I created the poster “cartagena EVS” …

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