We are the Implica2 in Mandarache.

We, the european volunteers, work actively on the project Mandarache.

What is this great project?

7088The Mandarache prize is a local training project for readers.Two international awards of narrative are awarded: the Mandarache Prize and the prize Hache. The readers are young , between 12 and 30, and after reading a series of selected books, decide to award an author. There are meetings with authors, presentations and book signing, reading clubs and performances… In 2015, there were more than 5000 readers.

The project was born in 2004 organized by the City Council’s Youth Department of  Cartagena and the public libraries. Counting on the registrations of this year, 35.996 people have read books through this initiative.

During the meetings with the author, more than 600 young people are involved! And this is where the “super team” of the volunteers of Implica2 arrive!!!!

How do we help?

Imagine more than 600 young people from more than 15 schools and colleges in the same conference room. The organization is a real orchestra.. we oversee the proper functioning of the inputs and outputs. Each volunteer has their mission, such as placing students in and out of the room .During the meeting,we  also have to pass the microphone so students can ask their questions to the author.

producto_6_11_120_la_colegiala_crespillos.jpg> And always ,after the meeting of Mandarache it is a  ritual to eat Crespillos and drink together!!!

So that everything is ready this day, Laura, specifically dedicated to this project ,Curra, Alberto and Itziar  prepare the general organization of the event (plans with places for each school, buses, volunteer management ).Invisible work, but essential.

Laura also organizes a book club called “Reading Club Implica2” for 18 young people between 17 and 30 years old, where we talk about the books of  Mandarache (in a bar or park etc) … More information in the next article.